Friday, 23 December 2011

A gift to myself!

Thanks to the Christmas sale I've bought myself a simple yet nice mossy ring! 

And not to forget thanks to my lovely friend "G" who had make sure the sales assistant searched for the right size for me no matter what....I almost cancelled my purchased when the lady said there's no more size for the design that I've chosen :( 

I really dunno what to tell Mr Hubby...but am happy since I never bought a gift to myself, clothes, handbags, watches, name a few :p

Hey! I never bought any jewelery (gold, platinum etc...) for myself ...except simple & cheap stuffs...because am so not into gold and bling bling....but being a woman and having these few lovely women in my life make me appreciate it and off course want to have at least one!

I remember those days when I warned my fiance now hubby not to buy me a ring with stone or I might loose any or one of the stone...LOL! So he got me a simple wedding band which I can wear anywhere I go especially when engaged in outdoor activities.....

Now I wanna go home and enjoy the long weekend ahead in the rainforest! Oh well, off course am not gonna wear my new way jose!

Anyway happy holiday & have a merry christmas if you came across this post!