Friday, 23 December 2011

A gift to myself!

Thanks to the Christmas sale I've bought myself a simple yet nice mossy ring! 

And not to forget thanks to my lovely friend "G" who had make sure the sales assistant searched for the right size for me no matter what....I almost cancelled my purchased when the lady said there's no more size for the design that I've chosen :( 

I really dunno what to tell Mr Hubby...but am happy since I never bought a gift to myself, clothes, handbags, watches, name a few :p

Hey! I never bought any jewelery (gold, platinum etc...) for myself ...except simple & cheap stuffs...because am so not into gold and bling bling....but being a woman and having these few lovely women in my life make me appreciate it and off course want to have at least one!

I remember those days when I warned my fiance now hubby not to buy me a ring with stone or I might loose any or one of the stone...LOL! So he got me a simple wedding band which I can wear anywhere I go especially when engaged in outdoor activities.....

Now I wanna go home and enjoy the long weekend ahead in the rainforest! Oh well, off course am not gonna wear my new way jose!

Anyway happy holiday & have a merry christmas if you came across this post!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

am bad!

r u that mad at me?
am i that bad in your eyes? 
maybe i am.
yes am bad.
i have my reason.
i know am not being fair.
maybe coz i keep letting u make all the decisions.
again and again and again!
my bad!
am bad! am bad! am bad!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Move with the cheese!

Recently I've been feeling so demotived & negativity at work...

I didnt bring personal problem at work...never!!! Well..very..very..very seldom....maybe 1 out of 10!!!

It's the work environment, company's situation, trouble, reasons & these few annoying people around me that creates this!!!

The dissatisfaction, frustration and on and on...bundles up and it's making me....urgghhh..I dunno how to express it!!!

Yes, I need to Move with the Cheese!!!

No, I can't expect for others to Move My Cheese and keep asking Who Moved My Cheese anymore!!!

I  definitely need to move it myself!!!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

"You don't mess with the Elle"

I've been feeling dizzy for the past few weeks....on & off...its so uncomfortable!

In my case a sudden change in body position, most often when shifting from lying down to standing will make me dizzy...I have to lie down for 15-20mins before I rush to the bathroom in the morning...

Have I been using my brain too much?? LOL

Guess it's my low blood & sometimes it comes with terrible migraine!

Did you know a low blood person is "short tempered"...hihihi...

so the summary of this post is....

"You don't mess with the Elle"

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Behave kiddies!

I've come accross a lot of meetings where parents (single/married) brought (have to....normally) their babies or kids for meetings. But this is the first time I saw kids that are soooooo not well behave while their parents are having meetings.

Yes, it's happening rite here, rite now in my office! They just walk in happily to my boss room & play with her expensive & fragile collections (yikes!), running, jumping, ate my "kuih raya" in the pantry without asking (not that I mind..even if they finished em..). Opening & closing the cabinet door & fridge loudly...I think it's really comfy here so they feels at home!

Normally parents will make sure their kids are fully occupied & well behaved at people's place especially at other people's's so annoying & distracting! It's not my job to watch their kids (unless they're my boss kids, which I can get along really well). That's not what I'm hired for. This is not a nursery!!!!

urghhhhh....I wanna go home!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Air Asia free seat is back!

This is frustrating! I should've check out their website at 00:00 last nite! I was awake till 2am, man!!! Its slow now & we only have 10 mins to book itu pun kalau boleh access la!

I'll keep's pretty good deal especially if you already have travel and holiday plan in mind!

Booking Period: 21 September 2011 - 25 September 2011
Travel Period: 3 May 2012 - 27 October 2011

C'est la vie

A woman came and said to me
She'd seen a lady sell her baby
For ten or twenty dollars maybe
And everybody thinks she's crazy
They're too blind to see
She never failed to call attention
To the things we never mention
Real horror, daily, courtesy of your TV
C'est La Vie

A woman came and said to me

Now listen very carefully
There's brother killing brother
People living on their knees
Biting sugar coated bullets
For the pain of this disease
C'est La Vie

A woman came and said to me
She had a husband on an island
Found his body on a wasteland
Soldiers came and took him
Just to torture her you see
C'est la vie

All alone she mourned her lover
Crossed the sea to find a brother
Maybe he could help her get her baby back for free

Song By: UB40

That's how I came across this French phrase "C'est la vie" , which means "Such is life"