Wednesday, 19 June 2013

To quit or not to quit

Gosh! I wish I can just quit this job just like that! But I think too much! So many pros & cons! First & foremost I don't wanna be a burden to anyone, not even my hubby! I don't want to rely on him too much! I know I am now!
No, am not loyal! I just didn't get any offer! I hate & shouldn't saying this, but at this very moment I JUST HATE MY JOB, BOSSES!
You guys are too much. 3 years no increment, no bonuses! And yet you can afford to hire new staff with high salary but didn't bring in sales/money!
Stop boasting about how good you are doing 3 years ago! Do something!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ohhh KL Traffic!!!!

KL traffic jam really spoiled my cheery monday!
been motivating myself to be up early and cheerful even am slightly dizzy today
but once we hit the road on our bike, its all gone!
feels like we're going thru a suicide mission, today is one of the days I feel like dying all the way to work
the cars, mpv's, suv's, lorries, bus drivers they just don't give a damn about motorcyclists on the road
they treat us like our lives have no values, like we are loosers for not driving to work
we don't even have a space to squeeze in especially on duke highway
we have to ride the bike on the dirt, because there's no space for us on the road
i hate it when other motorist kept saying we're "rude, stupid, etc.." they are few motorcyclists like that,
i personally despise them...but not all of us
and same goes to you guys the other motorist...
i hate it when people said we don't need to worry about jam or anything
we do....
because  the other motorist just don't let us pass thru
once i arrived safely at my workplace
i can't help myself worrying about the safety of my other half who have to go thru it alone
so here i am, still trying to motivate myself to be cheery again...
i can only managed to smile inside...but not in the outside...

Monday, 22 April 2013

Simple yet complicated?

sometimes people tends to make simple things complicated
maybe to please the bosses, friends, families or whoever/whatever
well, its your choice
as long as you're happy
and didnt bothers me at all
i have no problems with that
do as you like
pleased as many people you want
and i hope
he/she appreciates your hard work!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Seccato @ Annoyed!

Am short tempered!
Non mi piace!
Eventho I improved a whole lot (well, I believed so)
But this is what I am!
Easily annoyed over silly stuffs!
Or even stupid jokes when am not in the mood!
Got mad & said whatever I feels & come out with the harshes words or sentence possible!
And then regret it big time!
So, before I did that, am just gonna let it go here!
And wish good nite to the world!
A reminder to myself,
I love my life & the lovely people who loves me!
Buona notte!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Nice quiet dinner

Sometimes I just wished for a nice quiet dinner. It doesn't have to be a fine dining! Coz am not a fan of one.

But a nice quiet and simple dinner with my loved ones is something I really wished for at certain times, like now!

I dun mind mamak's but not at the very moment. A not so crowded KFC's or McD's will do. Sigh!

So here I am, keeping my mouth shut with my poker face and having my nescafe tarik with roti sardin. Bon appetite!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I don't care, sorry!

Please don't come to me if you are in troubles or having problems or in dilemma or what not. 
Am just so not in the mood of listening to you or anybody (that's not close to my heart's) problems or even show my empathy. 
Say whatever, I just want to clear my mind for now. 
Right now, I just have a space to care for myself and my loved ones (well, they know who they are and they are always welcome).
If you still wanna talk, do so. 
But I may not even look at your face or even say a word. 
Because this is how I feel at this very moment.
I don't care, sorry!

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Emosi TTH....that's what am feeling now.

Sorry luv for loosing it yesterday....for breaking down like a lil just scared, nervous, panic & stress out...dun wanna be too optimistic but I guess I am. This waiting game is driving me crazy....been staying calm for the past 1 week....silly pain & incident makes me breakdown. Coz i desperately wish & pray to see positive result on my test by end of the week even though I dun really show it to you or people around me. But yeah, I just dun wanna get too excited but only Allah knows best how am feeling.

Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for letting me cry. Thank you for being the one :p

May Allah blessed our journey.