Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Behave kiddies!

I've come accross a lot of meetings where parents (single/married) brought (have to....normally) their babies or kids for meetings. But this is the first time I saw kids that are soooooo not well behave while their parents are having meetings.

Yes, it's happening rite here, rite now in my office! They just walk in happily to my boss room & play with her expensive & fragile collections (yikes!), running, jumping, ate my "kuih raya" in the pantry without asking (not that I mind..even if they finished em..). Opening & closing the cabinet door & fridge loudly...I think it's really comfy here so they feels at home!

Normally parents will make sure their kids are fully occupied & well behaved at people's place especially at other people's's so annoying & distracting! It's not my job to watch their kids (unless they're my boss kids, which I can get along really well). That's not what I'm hired for. This is not a nursery!!!!

urghhhhh....I wanna go home!


  1. No way! You are definitely not employed to babysit other people's kids. and.... if they take them to meetings they should have them under control! urgh! Feel for you.