Thursday, 6 October 2011

Move with the cheese!

Recently I've been feeling so demotived & negativity at work...

I didnt bring personal problem at work...never!!! Well..very..very..very seldom....maybe 1 out of 10!!!

It's the work environment, company's situation, trouble, reasons & these few annoying people around me that creates this!!!

The dissatisfaction, frustration and on and on...bundles up and it's making me....urgghhh..I dunno how to express it!!!

Yes, I need to Move with the Cheese!!!

No, I can't expect for others to Move My Cheese and keep asking Who Moved My Cheese anymore!!!

I  definitely need to move it myself!!!


  1. urrghhhh...why do you have to annoy me early in da morning while I have a very positive mood to clear my to do list????

  2. my to do list for the day...primary school kids assignment. Great!!!!!