Tuesday, 2 October 2012

I don't care, sorry!

Please don't come to me if you are in troubles or having problems or in dilemma or what not. 
Am just so not in the mood of listening to you or anybody (that's not close to my heart's) problems or even show my empathy. 
Say whatever, I just want to clear my mind for now. 
Right now, I just have a space to care for myself and my loved ones (well, they know who they are and they are always welcome).
If you still wanna talk, do so. 
But I may not even look at your face or even say a word. 
Because this is how I feel at this very moment.
I don't care, sorry!


  1. ngehngeh ngehhh lansung tak keji. saye pahammmmm.

  2. that's why i luv u darling!