Sunday, 28 April 2013

Ohhh KL Traffic!!!!

KL traffic jam really spoiled my cheery monday!
been motivating myself to be up early and cheerful even am slightly dizzy today
but once we hit the road on our bike, its all gone!
feels like we're going thru a suicide mission, today is one of the days I feel like dying all the way to work
the cars, mpv's, suv's, lorries, bus drivers they just don't give a damn about motorcyclists on the road
they treat us like our lives have no values, like we are loosers for not driving to work
we don't even have a space to squeeze in especially on duke highway
we have to ride the bike on the dirt, because there's no space for us on the road
i hate it when other motorist kept saying we're "rude, stupid, etc.." they are few motorcyclists like that,
i personally despise them...but not all of us
and same goes to you guys the other motorist...
i hate it when people said we don't need to worry about jam or anything
we do....
because  the other motorist just don't let us pass thru
once i arrived safely at my workplace
i can't help myself worrying about the safety of my other half who have to go thru it alone
so here i am, still trying to motivate myself to be cheery again...
i can only managed to smile inside...but not in the outside...

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